We've made it easy for you to receive exactly what your Village Health Practitioner has prescribed to you. 

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In House Botanical Apothecary

Botanical Medicine helps enhance  treatment using the healing power of nature. The Village Apothecary offers an array of botanicals that your Village Naturopathic Doctor can prescribe and formulate in house, for an individualized treatment. These are formulated into individualized tinctures and teas for each patient's specific needs. 


Supplements & More

At The Village Health Clinic, we believe in addressing the root cause of each dis-ease in the body, by helping the body's healing process through fundamentals of nutrition, physical therapy and mindful techniques. At therapeutic levels, Vitamins and Minerals can enhance the healing process by addressing deficiencies and stimulating physiological processes in the body. Correct supplementation, dosing and administration is important for effectiveness of each supplement. Visit a Village Practitioner about what you may be missing in your body.

Check out our apothecary for specific tools that may be recommended for your treatment plan. It is recommended to consult with a Village Health Practitioner before doing so.

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